What the teacher did: I briefly shared some news updates with students.

Students were asked to revisit the mentor text letter to a lawmaker through the lens of ethos/pathos/logos.

What the students did: Students briefly analyzed the balance of ethos/pathos/logos in the mentor letter.

What the teacher did: The students were given the rest of the period to finish drafting their letters. The letters are due tomorrow at the beginning of class. As students worked, the teacher walked the room and conferred shoulder-to-shoulder with as many students as possible.

What the students did: Students wrote for the rest of the period. Many of them conferred 1:1 with the teacher. 

Some reflections on the lesson:

  • As expected, most students had little or no trouble expressing their opinions, but, not surprisingly, some had some trouble weaving in counterarguments (and their refutation of counterarguments).
  • Students needed encouragement in weaving in sources to support their stances. They were encouraged to revisit the mentor text to see examples of this weaving.
  • The drafting of the letters are taking much longer than anticipated, which makes me wonder why. Possible answers:
  1. This is a deep issue with many subtexts, and as such the writing of this letter requires careful sifting before and during drafting.
  2. I have a number of students reading and writing below grade level, and their fluency is not what we would hope to see in seniors.
  3. Spring break starts in two days. The students are tired. Senioritis is flaring.
AuthorKelly Gallagher